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We are a team of mobile phone repair ninjas at Epic Fix, and all of us techs do repairs. No matter if you have a cracked screen, water damage, or any other issue. We’ve covered you in Ilford! Look no further for reliable and trustworthy mobile phone repair services. We are dedicated to providing convenient and dependable repairs for mobile devices in Ilford and nearby areas. Epic Fix has the best shop for mobile phone repair in Ilford.

Mobile Phone Repair services in Ilford

Gone are the days of searching for a nearby repair shop or waiting in long queues. We understand your time value. We will bring the repair shop directly to you. Whether you’re at home or work, our skilled technicians will promptly assist you through our convenient mobile service.

Situated in the heart of London, UK, we are easily accessible and strive to provide exceptional service. We aim to be your nearest solution to all your mobile phone repair needs in Ilford. 

Additionally, our services extend to various sub-regions within the vicinity, ensuring that you can experience the convenience and expertise of our repair services no matter where you’re located within our service area.

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We are offering all repairing services like Mobile Repair, Laptop repairTablet/iPad Repair, & Gaming Console repair in all areas of Ilford.

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Same-day service

Epic Fix Mobile Phone Repairing offers same-day repair service—with no upfront payment. There is no delivery delay option.

Competitive Price

We always strive to deliver efficient, quality repairs for the first time. We guarantee to fix your phone.

Fixed in Limited Time

Our mobile phone repair technicians and staff are fast and dedicated. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have your device back.

FREE Diagnose

You may need to diagnose your gadgets. Epic Fix: Do this. Drop off your mobile phone, iPhone, Pad, or smartwatch and avail of a free diagnosis service.

The Most Common Smartphone Damage: Screen Replacement | Cracked Screen:

Screen damage is a common issue that smartphone users often face. Cracked screens can be a major inconvenience and affect the functionality and usability of the device. Fortunately, there are solutions available for addressing this problem.

At Epic Fix, we offer AAA screen replacement services. Our skilled technicians are trained to handle screen replacements for various smartphone models. Whether your screen is cracked, shattered, or unresponsive, we can help restore your device to its optimal condition.

We prioritize customer satisfaction.

Can LCDs be Repaired?

Yes, LCD screens can often be repaired, depending on the nature and extent of the damage. Common issues with LCD screens include dead pixels, back-light problems, and cracked screens. In some cases, dead pixels can be fixed using software tools to revive the pixel. Back-light issues can be resolved by replacing the back-light component. However, if the LCD screen is physically damaged or cracked, it may need to be replaced entirely. We offer LCD Replacement at affordable prices. 

Repair Cracked Screens – Get The Most Out Of It:

When looking to repair your smartphone’s cracked screen, you might be curious about warranty coverage. Most phones come with a limited warranty, but don’t worry!

Before scheduling an appointment for screen repair or any other necessary fix, if your phone can still turn on, it’s advisable to back up your data to the cloud or your computer. Since certain repairs may involve data erasure and app shutdown, ensure your password is readily available for a smooth process.

Drop off your device. We assure the required parts are in stock most of the time. Repairs may be completed on the same day or, in some cases, while you wait.

You’re at the store; look at the durable cell phone cases and screen protectors available for additional protection against bumps and drops.

Mobile Phone LCD Replacement Near Me!

You’re in the UK, in London, looking to get Mobile phone repair services near you. Remember to consider Epic Fix mobile phone repair. We are in London. Central tech repair at Ilford branches in most of London. We serve nationwide.

We offer Our Repairs across London (UK) for Your Specific Location page. Please select from the Below.

 Enfield | Bromley | Lewisham |  Hackney |  Kingston upon Thames | Sutton | Lambeth | Wandsworth | Croydon | Richmond upon Thames 

BQuality & Premium Repairing at Epic fix

Restore your device to a new life!

At Epic Fix, we understand the frustration of dealing with a cracked or malfunctioning on your beloved device. That’s why we offer top-notch repairing services at discounted prices more often to help you restore your device to its former glory. 

Trust Epic Fix for Repair & Replacement:

Regarding Mobile Phone repairs, Epicfix is the go-to destination with our commitment to quality, special discounts, and exceptional customer service. We strive to exceed your expectations and breathe new life into your device. Don’t let a cracked screen hold you back—Don’t see a crying child, While Epic Fix Tech repair center offers gaming console repairs. So, contact Epicfix today and let our skilled technicians take care of your repair needs. Your device deserves the best; we’re here to make it happen! We are Providing:

We Come to You

We come to you and fix your gadgets at your home.

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Post your device for free analysis of your gadget’s problems



“My laptop screen was cracked, and I didn’t have the time to visit a shop, so I send my device to the Epicfix store. They fixed it and send it back to me within a day.”


My phone had water damage. And the charging port needed to be replaced, so I went to the store. The technicians fixed my issue in an hour.”


“The repair parts were a perfect match for my device, and my device works flawlessly. Great delivery, I ordered from home, and they came and repaired my device at home. I’m very pleased with the work quality of this store.”

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