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EpicFix offers customers excellent Mobile Phone Repairs through a well-trained team of repair technicians. If your phone or any other gadget has broken or if you are experiencing problems with your phone, Come to the shop, and if you have no time to come. Don’t worry. Book your repair; we will come to your house and fix it.


What We Repair!

We do not offer only mobile repair services in the UK; we also offer laptop, PC, Gaming consoles, smartwatch, and iPad repair services. We’ll repair several digital transits through our experienced technicians.

We repair all of your phone equipment. Bring your broken devices and get high-quality repair parts for your phones, tablets, PCs, and gaming consoles.  You should repair your device rather than spend hundreds of dollars buying a new one. If you have a broken screen, liquid damage, charging problems, battery issues, etc. Come fix these.

Epicfix Services


We offer immediate mobile customer repair service combined with “Home Service.” It is the best way to have your phone repaired quickly and efficiently. Just place an order, receive a free estimate, and get home service from experienced technicians.

We provide all laptop repair services. We fix broken screens and water-damaged laptops and PCs. We also do data recovery and logic boards.

It is the best service if you want to repair your Mobile & Tablet. We’ll fix your tablet and mobile with high-quality repair parts. So you can get a new version for your device.
We do gaming buck Up problems in a short time. Your device isn’t working properly, and you don’t know why. Our technicians will conduct a diagnosis and will be able to resolve the problem.
We repair all mobile phone accessories and similar gadgets. If you have a battery problem, disconnect the charger or fix the camera issues. We can boost your devices’ usage. We’ve provided mobile phone repairs all around the UK.

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EpicFix Ltd, Ilford, London
115 Ley St, Ilford IG1 4BH, UK
Ufone - EpicFix Authorised Repair Center
92 N End, Croydon CR0 1UJ, United Kingdom
cash ur items - EpicFix Authorised Repair Center
344 Norwood Rd, Norwood, London SE27 9AF
Cell Fone Xchange - EpicFix Authorised Repair Center
33 Sydenham Rd, London SE26 5EX
Computer \'N\' Mobile Repair Centre - EpicFix Authorised Repair Center
Catford Rd, London SE6 4RE

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What Problems Can We Fix?

Cracked Screen

Have you ever damaged the glass of your Mobile phone, Tablet, or PC? If it ever happens, consider EpicFix, the best pair replacement service. 

Water Damage

Mail or call us if your mobile, PC, laptop, or other gadget has water damage. We’ll fix it in 1-2 hours.

Faulty Speakers

Suppose you find scratching or no sound coming from your device’s speaker. Don’t worry; we’ve got a repair kit, and we will fix it accurately.
mobile repairs uk

No Signal

When a device has no source or your device receives no signal. Then contact Epic Fix; we’ll fix your problem within an hour.

Dead Battery

We offer you an excellent battery replacement service. If your battery is dead or you are having any problems with the battery, Let’s choose Epic Fix. 

Why Choose

Epic Fix!

We’re a company of experts with 10+ years of experience repairing electronic devices. There is no better place without EpicFix—we have a standard for repairing devices. We’re fast and efficient repairers. You can rely on us for your needs.


About Us

We’re a company that offers mobile phone repairs with 10+ years of experience. We’re professional team members who are loyal and experts in their field. If you’re worried, who fixes mobile phone screens and likes these gadgets? Then choose EpicFix.


How It Works

Book Home service

Book your order online. Call us or email. We’ll come to your house and fix the issue.

Send Your Device

You can send the device’s box or visit our shop. Our expert technicians will fix it with high-quality repair parts and get it back to you within 24 hours.

We Will Deliver Your Device

We’ll deliver your device to the address on your delivery spot within 24 hours.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“Services were satisfactory; repairs were completed within a day. I recommend it to my friends, who also love the services of the Epifix store. Team workers are very cooperative. I highly recommend it—100% assurance of work.”


The repair parts are a perfect match for my device, and my device works flawlessly. Great delivery, I ordered from home, and they came and repaired my device at home. I’m very pleased with the work quality of this store.”