Mobile Phone Repairs in Greater London

Mobile Phone Repairs in Greater London

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Here at EpicFix, we fix your mobile phone issues—Top-notch Mobile phone repairs across the UK. We SERVE you in Greater London, UK. Because when it comes to bustling cities, there’s no doubt that London takes the lead in keeping us on our toes with countless broken and shattered phone screens.

We take pride in serving numerous locations throughout the country. But London truly keeps us on our feet. We have experience repairing LCDs, batteries, water damage, and more for gaming consoles, iPads, Tabs, and smartwatches.

We offer comprehensive Repairing Services in various boroughs across London to ensure your convenience. Whether in the city’s heart or on the outskirts, our skilled technicians will come directly to you. They spare you the hassle of commuting to a repair shop. 

Below is a list of the boroughs we serve through our call-out service. If you reside in any of these areas, you can count on us to swiftly and effectively fix your phone screen, bringing your device back to life. 

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How much must I pay to repair my mobile phone in Greater London?

Repair costs for Mobile phone screens vary depending on the device’s make and model. The prices for more recent models can range from £49 to £180 due to the constantly evolving technologies used.

What is the average timeframe for repairing a phone?

We utilize our Mobile Tech Centers, bringing the repair service directly to you in Greater London. It saves you the hassle of traveling to a local repair shop. Our expert technicians utilize only the finest components to guarantee dependable, long-lasting repair with authentic parts.

Is there any service you offer other than mobile repair?

Epic Fix offers a wide range of tech repair services, including mobile phone repairs, tablet repairs, gaming console repairs, PC and laptop repairs, and iPad and tablet repairs.

Do you offer Home Repairing or mail-in services?

yes, absolutely, we offer home repairing services shop-in, & mail-in services in London. On all mentioned locations.

What is the average timeframe for fixing a phone screen?

At the Epic Fix Mobile Tech Repair Center, we provide a convenient service by coming to you in Greater London at no additional cost. We aim to book your repair within 24 hours, and all screen repairs are typically completed within one hour. For minor glitches, wait 25 minutes.

Are there any discounts you offer for LCD repair?

Yes, we offer discounts on LCD replacements, as it’s one of the significant glitches many of you face. At the same time, you take extra care of your phone. Book home service, mail us, or visit us to shop for a broken iPad, iPhone, or smart watch LCD replacement. We’ll take good care of your device with you.

Can Epic Fix repair all major mobile phone brands?

Yes, Epic Fix has the expertise to repair mobile phones from all major brands, ensuring comprehensive solutions for any issues you may be facing.


“My laptop screen was cracked, and I didn’t have the time to visit a shop, so I send my device to the Epicfix store. They fixed it and send it back to me within a day.”


My phone had water damage. And the charging port needed to be replaced, so I went to the store. The technicians fixed my issue in an hour.”


“The repair parts were a perfect match for my device, and my device works flawlessly. Great delivery, I ordered from home, and they came and repaired my device at home. I’m very pleased with the work quality of this store.”

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