Charging ​cables often break ​easily due ​to weak connections ​between the ​charging head and ​wires. Additionally, ​careless handling can ​lead to ​cracks and breaks, ​rendering the ​cable useless for ​charging. If ​you find yourself ​in this ​situation, there are ​several techniques ​you can try ​to fix ​your charger cord. ​This article ​explores those methods ​and offers ​potential solutions for ​fixing a ​broken cell phone ​charger cord. So, keep reading how to fix a broken cell phone charger cord. 

Here are some ​steps to ​solve the charger ​cord quickly ​and efficiently. We ​recommend Sugru, ​the moldable glue. 

​The Better ​One is Sugru ​- Quick ​& Even Better. 

​Sugru, also ​known as Formerol, ​is a ​unique moldable glue ​offering an ​effective, longer-lasting solution ​for repairing ​broken charger cables. ​When exposed ​to air, this ​innovative silicone-based ​substance transforms into ​a durable ​rubber-like material. 

​Simply mold ​Sugru around the ​damaged area ​and allow it ​to cure ​for approximately 24 ​hours. You ​can provide a ​more permanent ​fix and enhance ​the cable’s ​lifespan. Applying Sugru ​throughout the ​cable length is ​advisable to ​prevent future damage ​and enjoy ​prolonged usage. Additionally, ​Sugru is ​tough enough to ​mend broken power cables.

​4 Steps ​to Bend a ​Charger Cord ​or Wire:

  1. Unplug ​your charger ​from the socket ​and check ​if the USB ​plug is ​bent.
  2. Soften the ​charger port ​by using a ​hairdryer on ​its highest heat ​setting. Keep ​the hair dryer ​at a ​distance and apply ​heat for ​about 30 seconds.
  3. ​Straighten the ​bent port using ​tweezers or ​your hand. Be ​gentle to ​avoid damaging the ​charger port.
  4. ​Do not apply ​excessive force ​if the charger ​port does ​not straighten even ​after repeated ​attempts. 

For fixing ​a bent ​wire, gently straighten ​it using ​your hands. Avoid ​using heat ​in this case.

​Remember: When ​removing the charger, ​hold the ​port and pull ​it straight ​without applying an ​angle. This ​will prevent any ​damage to ​the port.

Here ​are Some ​Cool Steps to ​Try and ​Fix a Damaged ​Cable.

  1. Assess the ​cable for ​any cracks or ​splits, particularly ​around the cable’s ​connection point ​and charging port.
  1. ​If there ​is a split ​or crack ​found, follow these ​methods to ​repair the cable:

​Method 1 ​- Using Electrical ​Tape:

  • Get ​some electrical tape.
  • ​Wrap the ​tape tightly around ​the split/crack ​to bind it ​back together.
  • This may be ​enough to ​fix the connection ​and make ​the cable work ​again.

Pro ​Tip: Use a ​Cord protector

​Using cord protectors ​is a ​pro tip to ​prevent your ​charger cable from ​bending near ​the port. They ​are readily ​available on Amazon ​and are ​relatively affordable as ​well. The ​best part is ​that they ​do not restrict ​your charger’s ​flexibility.

Technical Fixes ​To Fix ​The Broken Cell ​Phone Charger ​Cord:

Given that ​common solutions ​to fix your ​charger cord ​problem. Here are some ​technical solutions. ​You can try ​to fix ​your charger. So, ​read on; How to fix a broken cell phone charger cord”

Method ​2 – Using ​a Heat ​Shrink Tube and ​Heat Gun:

  1. ​Purchase heat shrink ​tubes with ​a 3:1 ratio ​(2:1 ratio ​tubes are not ​strong enough ​for typical iPhone ​chargers).
  2. Get ​a compact and ​easy-to-hold heat ​gun for precision ​work.
  3. Cut ​the heat-shrink tubing ​to the ​appropriate length. Ensure ​it covers ​a small part ​of the ​charging head and ​the split ​in the cable.
  4. ​Use pliers ​to hold the ​heat shrink ​tubing in place, ​and apply ​heat using the ​heat gun. ​Rotate the cable ​to ensure ​even shrinking.
  5. Continue ​shrinking until ​the tubing has ​a uniform ​and secure fit ​around the ​charging head and ​the Cord.

​Allow the cable ​to cool ​and set for ​a few ​minutes.

Method 3 ​- Repairing ​the Wiring Using ​a Soldering ​Iron:

If the ​issue is ​not the connection ​between the ​charger head and ​cable but ​a faulty wire ​inside the ​cable, you may ​need a ​soldering iron.

Gather ​the necessary ​tools, including a ​cutting iron, ​soldering wire, and ​glue gun.

​Test The Charger ​Cord:

Test ​the Charger Cord ​Once you ​have completed the ​repair, it’s ​time to check ​if your ​charger cord is ​functioning correctly. ​Plug it into ​your cell ​phone and power ​source to ​ensure it charges ​without issues.

​Please note: If ​the cable ​is severely damaged, ​it may ​be best to ​purchase a ​replacement.

​Tips To Keep ​Your Charger ​Cord Safe & ​Protective:

It’s ​important to take ​preventive measures ​to avoid charger ​damage. So, ​follow these tips ​to keep ​your charger in ​good condition:

  1. ​When plugging or ​unplugging, avoid ​twisting or bending ​the Cord.
  2. Don’t let pets or small children chew on or play with the charger.

 (Cats ​usually had ​a bad habit ​of chewing ​the wires. Therefore, ​cats often ​hit the charger ​cord. But, ​in many instances, ​it seems ​like the bite ​that broke ​the outer layer ​of rubber. ​So, if the ​charger is ​still working, it ​is safe ​to use. Repair ​it with ​electrical tape.)

  1. Avoid ​placing heavy ​objects on top ​of the ​charger cord.
  2. Consider ​investing in ​a high-quality charger ​less likely ​to bend or ​break.


Fixing ​a broken cell ​phone charger ​cord is a ​straightforward process ​that saves you ​time and ​money. By following ​the steps ​outlined in this ​article, you ​can repair your ​charger cord ​and continue using ​your cell ​phone without interruptions. ​Remember to ​exercise caution and ​patience while ​repairing to ensure ​a successful ​outcome.

Given that ​information, we’re ​trying to fix ​the broken ​charger cord, but ​as a ​matter of fact, ​be sure ​to buy a ​new one. ​It’s a severe ​fire risk ​to use a ​broken charger. ​So, get it ​replaced immediately. 

​Pure genius, you’re, ​so don’t ​Pull the Charger ​from the ​Cord. Pulling out ​the charger ​from our phones ​by holding ​the Cord puts ​unnecessary stress ​on the weak ​Cord, making ​it more prone ​to bending.

FAQs ​(Frequently Asked Questions)

​Can I ​use any electrical ​tape for ​the repair?

It ​is recommended ​to use electrical ​tape specifically ​designed for electrical ​repairs to ​ensure reliability and ​safety.

How ​long can a ​repaired charger ​cord last?

The ​longevity of ​a repaired charger ​cord depends ​on various factors, ​such as ​the quality of ​the repair ​and how it ​is handled. ​With proper care, ​it can ​last for a ​considerable amount ​of time. The ​advice is ​to buy a ​new one. 

​Can I use ​these repair ​methods for other ​types of ​cords?

While the ​techniques discussed ​in this article ​are primarily ​focused on cell ​phone charger ​cords, they can ​also be ​applied to other ​types of ​cords, such as ​laptop chargers ​or headphones.

Is ​it safe ​to use a ​bent charger?

​Using a bent ​charger is ​not secure or ​recommended. Aside ​from the fact ​that it ​won’t charge your ​phone, a ​bent charger with ​broken or ​twisted pins can ​also pose ​a fire hazard. ​If you ​suspect your charger ​is bent ​in a way ​that can ​cause harm, it ​is better ​to replace it ​with a ​new charger.