Accidentally ​dropping your phone ​in water ​can be a ​major disaster. ​It’s an all ​too common ​problem but often ​met with ​stress and uncertainty. ​This can ​mean that all ​the important ​data stored on ​that device ​is lost forever. That is to say; you’re ​left without access ​to essential ​contacts, photos, and ​more. To ​solve your problem, ​here’s a ​quick hack guide: “How to fix a cell phone dropped in water”?

Dropped ​cell phone ​incidents happen whether ​you’re taking ​a scenic photo ​of the ​sea or texting ​by ​ the ​pool. However, there’s ​good news ​- a phone ​with water ​damage can often ​be fixed. 

​So, get back ​to texting ​and scrolling without ​worrying about ​replacing or repairing ​your device. ​If your phone ​gets wet ​or accidentally submerged ​in water.

​Isopropyl Alcohol; Quick ​Hack To ​Get Back your ​Phone:

The ​secret ingredient for ​cleaning a ​smartphone that takes ​an unintended ​swim is isopropyl ​alcohol. This ​versatile liquid effectively ​removes impurities ​from water, whether ​from the ​ocean, pool, or ​toilet. While ​you can use ​it to ​wipe down the ​phone’s exterior, ​it’s advisable to ​seek professional ​help for cleaning ​the internal ​circuitry.

Save Your ​Drowned Phone ​with These Simple ​Tricks!

Immediately ​remove your cell phone from ​the liquid ​to minimize liquid ingress into various ​ports and ​openings.

✔️Turn ​off the ​phone and keep ​it powered ​off.

✔️Take off ​the protective ​case.

✔️Open the ​back cover ​and remove the ​battery, SIM ​card, and microSD ​card (if ​applicable). 

✔️Gently pat ​your phone ​dry with a ​cloth or ​paper towel. Avoid ​rubbing the ​phone, as this ​could push ​liquid into sensitive ​components. 

✔️ To extract more water, ​use a ​vacuum cleaner around ​the phone’s ​creases and openings ​for complete submersion cases.

✔️ Keep it in rice. Recommend: Use silica Gel. Fill the bag with this gel. Then, keep your phone in this bag for 24-48 hours.

✔️Once ​the phone ​is completely dry, ​power it ​on. If it ​doesn’t turn ​on immediately, fully ​charge it ​and try again.

​Following these ​steps will help ​mitigate damage ​and increase the ​chances of ​your phone functioning ​properly again.

​However, when drying ​your phone, ​there are a ​few things ​to avoid that ​could potentially ​cause further problems:

❌​Do not ​insert a towel ​or ​other objects inside ​the charging ​port.

❌Avoid pressing ​any keys ​or buttons on ​your phone.

❌​Refrain from shaking, ​tapping, or ​banging the phone.

❌​Do not ​use a fan ​or blow ​on the phone.

❌​Avoid charging ​the phone, even ​with a wireless ​charging mat.

​❌Do not use ​an external ​heat source. As ​a hair ​dryer, dry your ​phone.

Practical ​Tips for Keeping ​Your Water Damage Phone ​- Free:

Invest in ​a water-resistant case ​or phone: ​While there’s ​no such ​thing as a ​completely waterproof ​case or phone, ​water-resistant phones ​can withstand brief ​exposure to ​water without any ​damage. 

Be ​mindful of your ​surroundings: ​You’ve likely had ​the unfortunate ​experience of dropping ​your phone ​in water or ​coming close ​to it. To ​prevent accidents, ​hold your phone ​securely. When ​walking near or ​on watery ​surfaces, you must ​keep it ​in your pocket.

Avoid toilet ​texting: We ​all know ​the urgency when ​browsing or ​texting on our ​phones. However, ​resisting the temptation ​to use ​your phone in ​the bathroom ​is important. Nothing ​seems so ​urgent that it ​can’t wait ​until you have ​a more ​suitable and safer ​environment for ​your phone.

Remember ​these tips ​to protect your ​phone from ​water damage and ​enjoy a ​worry-free experience.

How To Fix A Cell Phone Dropped In Water – You ​Won’t Believe ​How Effective It ​Is!

We ​will discuss various ​methods to ​fix a cell ​phone dropped ​in water. Water ​damage is ​a common and ​unfortunate accident ​that can occur ​to anyone.

​However, by taking ​immediate action ​and following these ​steps, you ​have a higher ​chance of ​recovering your device ​and minimizing ​potential damage. So, read on how to fix a cell phone dropped in water. By following this, you not only save your memories but also save your pocket. 

Assessing ​the Situation 

​After retrieving your ​phone from ​the water, the ​first step ​is to assess ​the situation. ​Check to what ​extent the ​water has entered ​the device. ​If the phone ​is submerged ​for a long ​time or ​completely soaked, the ​chances of ​severe damage increase. ​However, even ​in less severe ​cases, it ​is essential to ​take prompt ​action.

Switching off ​the Phone

​Immediately after retrieving ​your phone ​from the water, ​please turn ​it off. This ​crucial step ​helps prevent potential ​short circuits. ​If the device ​remains powered ​on, the water ​can cause ​havoc with the ​internal circuitry, ​resulting in irreversible ​damage.

Removing ​External Accessories

Before ​proceeding with ​any drying methods, ​remove any ​external accessories attached ​to your ​phone. Unplug the ​charger, headphones, ​or any other ​connected devices. ​This step helps ​reduce the ​chances of water ​spreading internally ​and causing further ​damage.

Air ​Drying To Save Your Phone

One of ​the simplest ​methods to dry ​a water-damaged ​phone is air ​drying. Start ​by gently wiping ​off any ​excess moisture from ​the surface ​of the device. ​Use a ​soft, lint-free cloth ​to avoid ​scratching the screen ​or damaging ​any delicate parts. ​Next, place ​the phone in ​a dry, ​well-ventilated area. Avoid ​using heat ​sources, such as ​hairdryers, as ​they can damage ​the internal ​components.

Rice Method For Quick Dry 

​The rice ​method is a ​popular DIY ​technique for absorbing ​moisture from ​a water-damaged phone. ​Fill a ​bowl with uncooked ​rice and ​bury the phone ​in it. ​Make sure the ​phone is ​fully covered with ​rice. Leave ​it for at ​least 24 ​hours, allowing the ​rice to ​absorb the moisture. ​Afterward, remove ​the phone from ​the rice, ​and check if ​it functions ​properly.

Silica Gel ​Packets – Safe To Apply

An ​alternative to using ​rice is ​silica gel packets. ​Silica gel ​is a desiccant ​that effectively ​absorbs moisture. Place ​the water-damaged ​phone inside an ​airtight container ​or bag along ​with multiple ​silica gel packets. ​Seal the ​container tightly and ​leave it ​for 24-48 hours. ​Silica gel ​helps accelerate the ​drying process ​and reduces the ​risk of ​damage caused by ​moisture.


​Using a vacuum ​cleaner can ​help remove moisture ​from a ​water-damaged phone. Ensure ​the vacuum ​cleaner is set ​to a ​low power setting ​and gently ​run the nozzle ​over the ​phone, focusing on ​ports, buttons, ​and openings. Be ​cautious not ​to contact the ​device directly, ​as excessive suction ​force or ​misplaced contact can ​cause damage.

​Alcohol Bath

An ​alcohol bath ​can assist in ​evaporating the ​water from the ​phone. Dip ​the water-damaged phone ​in a ​container filled with ​isopropyl alcohol, ​ensuring all parts ​are submerged. ​Swirl the phone ​gently, allowing ​the alcohol to ​displace the ​water. Remove the ​device and ​let it air ​dry for ​a few hours. ​Isopropyl alcohol ​helps speed up ​the drying ​process and evaporates ​quickly.

Professional ​Repair Services

It ​is advisable ​to seek professional ​repair services ​for severe water ​damage or ​if you are ​uncertain about ​attempting DIY methods. ​These experts ​possess the necessary ​expertise and ​employ specialized equipment ​to treat ​water-damaged phones effectively. ​Research a reliable ​repair service ​with positive reviews ​and experience ​handling water damage ​cases.

Tip ​To Save Your ​Phone From Water Damage: 

Use ​Waterproof Cases or ​pouches:-

Invest ​in a waterproof ​case for ​your phone to ​prevent future ​water damage. Waterproof ​cases provide ​additional protection and ​minimize the ​risk of water ​reaching the ​device. With a ​wide variety ​of available options, ​choose a ​case that suits ​your phone ​model and lifestyle.


In conclusion, how to fix a cell phone dropped in water. ​Dropping a ​cell phone in ​water can ​be a distressing ​experience. But ​prompt action can ​save your ​device. You can ​minimize damage ​by assessing the ​situation, switching ​off the phone, ​and removing ​external accessories. 

Air ​drying, rice, ​and silica gel ​absorb moisture ​effectively. Vacuuming and ​alcohol baths ​offer professional assistance ​for tackling ​water damage. Additionally, ​preventive measures, ​such as using ​waterproof cases ​and pouches and ​regularly backing ​up your data, ​can help ​avoid future incidents.


​Can a ​water-damaged phone be ​fixed completely? 

​A water-damaged phone ​can be ​fixed successfully, especially ​if immediate ​action is taken. ​However, severe ​damage may require ​professional repair ​or replacement.

Is ​the rice ​method effective for ​all types ​of water damage? 

​The rice ​method can be ​effective for ​minor water damage ​but might ​not fully resolve ​severe cases. ​Other methods, such ​as silica ​gel or professional ​repair, may ​be more suitable.

​Should I ​attempt professional techniques ​if I ​have no experience? 

​If you ​need more experience ​or clarification, ​it is recommended ​to seek ​professional repair services. ​Attempting techniques ​without knowledge may ​cause further ​damage.

Are waterproof ​pouches reliable ​for protecting a ​phone from ​water damage?

Yes, ​waterproof pouches ​are reliable for ​protecting your ​phone from water ​damage in ​various scenarios. However, ​they are ​more effective for ​temporary water ​exposure than complete ​submersion.

Can ​you blow dry ​a water-damaged ​phone?

Blow-drying a ​water-damaged phone ​is not recommended ​as it ​may cause irreparable ​damage to ​its internal components. ​While it ​can remove some ​surface moisture, ​it does little ​to eliminate ​moisture inside the ​device. So, ​avoid it. 

​Helpful Tip ????: ​It is essential ​to regularly ​back up your ​phone’s data ​to prevent loss ​in case ​of water damage ​or any ​other accidents. By ​backing up ​your data, you ​can easily ​restore it on ​a new ​device or after ​fixing your ​water-damaged phone. Ensure ​the backups ​are performed periodically ​to include ​the latest changes ​and updates.